Attain an Identification Card for Homeless Youth


This training will explain the legistlative change for attaining an identification card for a homeless youth, as well as the process to follow to ensure that an identifcation card can be issued.


After completing the Attain an Identification Card for Homeless Youth training, you will be able to:

  • Describe the legislative change, including the purpose and the intial start
  • Identify all requirements for this non-standard identification card
  • State who can verify the homeless status of the youth
  • Describe the steps a homeless youth must take to attain an identification card
  • Explain what is acceptable for a mailing address
  • Explain the advantage and web location for the online pre-application
  • Explain how to locate an office to finish the application process
  • Explain how youth may attain a temporary birth certificate and note how to determine if the temporary birth certificate is valid
  • Locate the Homeless Youth ID application application online